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DP. Jordan Oram || Producers Tamar Bird + Sasha Henry


The biggest race of your life is a marathon you can't lose.



A 2-part film following a black man on his marathon through life as he comes face-to-face with the realities of being black in the 21st century.

Part one is called 'Marathon', Part two is 'Black Bodies' and cumulatively known as 'Black Bodies'

'Marathon' is a film that focuses on the never-ending race that people of colour and marginalized communities are perpetually running and 'Black Bodies' focuses on some of the devastating impacts that racial injustice results in. This was a community driven project that worked with youth and real people from the community, who live this experience day to day, as extras and performers in the film.


Teaming back up with cinematographer Jordan Oram (God’s Plan, In My Feelings) the duo sought out to create a piece that was visually captivating, emotive, and honoured the endurance and power of people of colour to persevere.

Created to incite conversation about the kinds of injustices marginalized people face 'Marathon' + 'Black Bodies' is available for screening and festival consideration as one film or separately according to festival programming needs.

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Director’s Statement

Black Bodies and Marathon birthed as a response to the state of our current society, an answer to the question; what is it like to be black in 2018? As a way to work through that trauma I turned to my artistry. I wanted to tell a story for a people who are constantly ostracized, appropriated and targeted. What does this weight feel like without words? What is the feeling that wells up inside every time you hear of an injustice? How does it feel to be powerless and so powerful almost simultaneously? It is difficult to encapsulate trauma into into words, this film allows for people to let the moving images speak for themselves.

As a writer and director I make films that are vehicles for social messages. I am a conduit, clearing you of all the things society has taught you to harden your soul. I am teaching you to see again, to feel again, to love again. This film tells such a powerful and emotional story, a film that lets us know we are not alone. While giving emotional intelligence to those that don’t know of this life long battle. I’m eager for this film to reach many audiences, to impact lives, share stories, start conversations conversations and and change stereotypes.

Media is very important in this day and age and it is essential that people who create it use this tool for good. It is my job as a director and writer to share important stories and spread positive messages. This film was made to touch, challenge and resonate with audiences as well as change lives. 

                                                                                                                                                                             ~Kelly Fyffe-Marshall

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Komi Olaf


Donisha Prendergast

Key Creative Crew

Writer + Director - Kelly Fyffe-Marshall


Producers - Tamar Bird + Sasha Leigh Henry


Cinematographer - Jordan Oram


Sound Designer - Jeremy Ashbourne


Art Director - Jade Lee Hoy


Movement Coach - Amanda May Wilson

Key MUA - Summer O'Grady

Steadicam Op - Mike Lewchynsyn

Stills Photography - Yvonne Stanley

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Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 4.52.15 PM.png

Technical Aspects


Combined length:       07:31

Black Bodies Length:     04:00


Marathon Length:       03:31

Picture Format:      Colour

Aspect Ratio:     1.85

Shooting format:     4k

Exhibition format:    MOV/DCP

*Online screener available upon request.

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