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ELLE CANADA - How Canadian Black Women in the film industry are breaking the mould.

TORONTO STAR - 'Black Bodies' director Kelly Fyffe-Marshall making 'ripples' in Canadian film + TV

GLOBAL NEWS - 'Black Bodies' director Kelly Fyffe-Marshall and all-Black female -led production.

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BLOGTO - Toronto short film made by all Black female team gets into Sundance.

NOW MAGAZINE- Kelly Fyffe-Marshall Canadian Cinema Rising Star.

REFINERY29 - It took an Ava DuVernay cosign for Canada to recognize of its brightest Black talents.

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ELLE CANADA - Meet the Canadian Women Directors of TIFF 2020.

BLACK GIRL NERDS - TIFF 2020 Reviews: 'Black Bodies' it's a Film That Matters.

CBC Toronto - Toronto filmmaker Kelly Fyffe-Marshall

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ETALK - Black Bodies premieres at TIFF 2020.

THE PROCESS - featuring Directors Kelly Fyffe-Marshall and Tiffany Hsiung.

TIFF - Kelly Fyffe-Marshall wins 2020 TIFF ChangeMaker award.

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CP24 - Black Bodies premieres at TIFF 2020.

HYPERALLERGIC - Our Favourite Experimental Films From The TIFF 2020.

THE GATE - Black Bodies TIFF 20 review

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YAHOO! - Kelly Fyffe-Marshall processes personal trauma through powerful TIFF film.

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SCREEN DAILY - Telefilm Canada announces 16 projects.

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CTV NEWS - Black Bodies premieres at TIFF 20.

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SHADOW & ACT- Exclusive Premiere: Short Film: Haven. Directed by Kelly Fyffe-Marshall.

SISTERHOOD MEDIA TV - Kaleidoscope Stories documentary series | episode 8 | featuring Kelly Fyffe-Marshall.

THE CREATIVE OUTSIDERS - Podcast Episode 302: Kelly Fyffe-Marshall - Social Activist Through Film.

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RANDOM ACTS - A Mother's Worst Fear | Haven | Directed by Kelly Fyffe-Marshall.

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FASHION MAGAZINE - This Tarot Deck Celebrates Some of Toronto’s Most Powerful Women.

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TALENT TO WATCH - A diverse and inclusive cohort of talent selected under the Talent to Watch Program.

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MEDIUM - ​The importance of Black Female Representation within Canada’s Film Industry

SHADOW AND ACT - How The Searing Short Film 'Haven' Hones In On The Beauty And Horrors of Black Girlhood.

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THE DREAM CAGE - Susan Omand seeks safety in the short film Haven from Kelly Fyffe-Marshall..

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TEDx YOUTH - Dedicated director striving to solidify her mark amongst the film industry’s finest.

BATTLE ROYAL WITH CHEESE - Haven: Kelly Fyffe-Marshall & Tamar Bird Interview.

BROADWAY WORLD - Kelly Fyffe-Marshall's HAVEN Receives North American Premiere at the Prestigious SXSW Film Festival.

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