RANDOM ACTS - A Mother's Worst Fear | Haven | Directed by Kelly Fyffe-Marshall.

FASHION MAGAZINE - This Tarot Deck Celebrates Some of Toronto’s Most Powerful Women.

TALENT TO WATCH - A diverse and inclusive cohort of talent selected under the Talent to Watch Program.

KALEIDOSCOPE STORIES - documentary series | episode 8 | Kelly Fyffe-Marshall.

THE CREATIVE OUTSIDERS - Podcast Episode 302: Kelly Fyffe-Marshall - Social Activist Through Film.

BY BLACKS - Adding Women Of Colour Changes Everything. Especially In The Film Industry.

TEDx YOUTH Dedicated director striving to solidify her mark amongst the film industry’s finest.

TED Talk Dedicated director striving to solidify her mark amongst the film industry’s finest.


NORTHERN STARS CineFAM Launches Feature Film Incubator.

EVERYTHING LOWERY My Interview with the talented Kelly Fyffe-Marshall.

BELLE EN ARGENT - Why representation matters. 

THE E PROJECT DirectedbyKells podcast interview on Spotify. 

THE E PROJECT Kelly Fyffe-Marshall, also well known as "DirectedbyKells" is one of Toronto's top directors. 


SHADOW AND ACT How The Searing Short Film 'Haven' Hones In On The Beauty And Horrors of Black Girlhood.

THE 405 - "...if I can change the way you think once you’ve watched my film then I’ve made a great film."

BROADWAY WORLD Kelly Fyffe-Marshall's HAVEN Receives North American Premiere at the Prestigious SXSW Film Festival.

THE TORONTO OBSERVER Kelly Fyffe-Marshall's film leaves audience in tears at Toronto Black Film Festival.

BATTLE ROYAL WITH CHEESE Haven: Kelly Fyffe-Marshall & Tamar Bird Interview.

THAT MOMENT IN - Haven Short Film Review.

QUI FAIT QUOI - Kelly Fyffe-Marshall (Haven) @ SXSW 2018.

THE CONSULTING DETECTIVE - interview with Kelly Fyffe-Marshall...

THE CRITICAL CRITICS - Movie Review: Haven (2017).

THE DREAM CAGE - Susan Omand seeks safety in the short film Haven from Kelly Fyffe-Marshall...


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